Djalma Araújo • +55 81 98980.0660
Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil

About me

What I really love is working with everything related to the web, especially when we are talking about front-end. Javascript is an incredible world of possibilities, and I am fascinated by that. I like to solve problems always trying to choose the best and more performatic alternative, but sometimes we need to deliver then, refactor! I enjoy working on small teams, I think we can make big things working with a few incredible minds. A few words can describe my skills:

  • Great experience in web design, web development, and graphic design.
  • Always trying to learn a new crazy-last-week-mini-framework or creating new mini-ones
  • Experience as a team leader
  • Worked with remote teams
  • Adaptive to new applications and technologies.
  • JavaScript, Node.JS, Electron, Ruby, Web API's, HTML5, CSS.

My Experience

For a full list of companies that I've worked for, please visit

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Lead UI Engineer

Wobo Inc ( – Present | Walnut Creek, CA)

The Lead UI Engineer is responsible for leading the development of the UI components across all Woboinc projects. Implements and maintain base UI structures across company projects, creates and maintain style guides for company projects, analyzes and optimizes front-end performance, trains other developers on UI base structures, style guides, and best practices and more.

Software Engineer

Wobo Inc ( | Walnut Creek, CA)

Working in different projects with new technologies, such as: NodeJS, Ruby and NoSQL databases. Focused front-end development and improvements for UI/UX.

Sales Engineer

Liferay, Inc. ( | Brazil)

  • Consultant on big clients of Liferay
  • Business strategies to improvement the sales area using technology of Liferay Portal

Software Engineer

Liferay, Inc. ( | Brazil)

  • Core developer of AlloyUI framework.
  • Improvements on Liferay Portal with Java technologies, high-level and performatic Javascript.
  • Consultant on big clients, focusing on front-end performance for high traffic applications

Front-end Manager, CTO and Business Partner

Pianolab ( | Brazil)

  • Project manager and team manager
  • Focused on acquiring new business accounts for the company
  • Team manager
  • Focused on developing new internal solutions, such as: CMS and team integration systems


Faculdade Marista do Recife

Internet Systems | Superior (Computer Science Equivalent) ()

Worthwhile Mentions

Some projects that I enjoy code them. To see all projects and my open source contributions, check out my github.

Semaphore Menubar

Semaphore Menubar is an Open Source Unofficial Semaphore CI Desktop App. At Follett, my team and I use to run our tests and we wanted to avoid keeping a chrome tab opened all the time to see if the build passed. So I created this Electron Application, a multi platform way to receive notifications of our builds using semaphore ci.

Pull Request Trello

Create a Pull-Request using trello cards information automatically. This CLI will increase your productivity if you use Trello as your software for mananing projects and github. is where community-members show their awesome Web Components. I'm an active contributor for this project. I believe that the web is about to change and Web components is a good path to follow. I also maintain the fetch-service repository, which is the crawler for all custom elements. We fetch bower, npm and github projects into a single api. fetch-service repository

Cowdown - Another markdown app

Cowdown is a fun and powerful markdown application built on top of Node-Webkit (nw.js). You can use shortcuts, video previews, twitter hashtags, github markdown syntax, etc.


Coding Standards - Wollets :)

Pull Request Trello (prtrello)

Material Design Lite

HPB JS Patterns

Mercado Tecnologico - De Recife para o mundo

Node webkit

Twitter Bootstrap



Check my Github profile to see what I'm doing

    Professional skillset

  • Sass, Stylus, Less
  • NodeJS, Express, SailsJS
  • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra
  • PHP, Zend, Codeigniter
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Mootools, YUI3, SpiceJS, Angular, Backbone

    Tools I use

  • Photoshop, Fireworks
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Google Chrome + devtools
  • Google Keep
  • ZSH + ohmyzsh